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SEEN Project: overview
SEEN project (Skills Exchange Educators Network) will provide and evaluate shared internship work experiences as a means of empowerment and capacity building for educators, social workers, and peers involved in outreach projects in low-threshold centres specialized in harm and risk reduction for drug users, or providing support to sex workers, migrants, youth and marginalized people.

The public and private social and health services across Europe run outreach/low threshold programmes that complement traditional services. These programmes reverse the traditional relationship in which users formally request assistance, and are trying instead to reach the users where they are located.
Outreach/low threshold social workers can interpret the situations and needs of target users in close to real-time and provide relevant objective information as well as guidance on possible responses to problems for policy makers, which in turn means for the entire social service system.

What are SEEN objectives?

  • Empowerment and capacity building for outreach workers (both professionals and peers) directly involved, workers (both professionals and peers) indirectly involved, and organizations.
  • Sharing of best practices.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of teaching methods and non-formal/experience-based training.

Who is involved?

  • eight workers in Portugal, eight in the Netherlands, and fifteen in Italy working in local outreach services, who will spend an internship period in the other host countries.
  • groups (maximum thirty people per country) working in local outreach services, that will attend training initiatives within each country.

Seen Traineeships


read her witness

Il video è stato realizzato da Stefano Capasso, operatore sociale della Fondazione Villa Maraini ONLUS. Stefano ha preso parte ad uno scambio internazionale all’interno del progetto SEEN, ad Amsterdam.